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 Brandon, Madison, Jackson, Canton, Ridgeland, Pearl, Florence, Richland, Byram.

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This wind turbine attic ventilator is not mounted properly and will be prone to leak during a heavy rainfall. The base is adjustable by twisting or rotating to a level position. These will help exhaust the hot air build up as heat rises. Works with the soffit vents that allows the cooler shaded air to enter the attic. Consult a qualified home inspector.

This photo shows the correct wind turbine installation. This view if from the roof side or exterior of the house. We should also see a hole cut in the roof decking from inside the attic.

This picture shows ridge vents for attic ventilation. This looks good from the roof side, however the roof decking should be cut back from the ridge to allow the hotter attic air to flow out. You may be able to view the ridge cut out from inside the attic.

This soffit vent is not cut out properly and does not allow enough cooler shaded air entry. All to often a common notation on new construction home inspections.

Multiple attic ventilation provisions noted in the photo taken by A Wise Brandon, Mississippi Home inspector. You can see the two wind turbines or sometimes called whirly birds and four other smaller vents that allow heat or in some cases smoke out. You can view more photos of attic ventilation provisions by clicking on the photo of the ventilation shown above.

This bathroom vent fan cover is stopped up. Cleaning is recommended. This is a common notation in a home inspection.

View of a power attic ventilator. The advantage of a power attic ventilator is it can move more cubic feet of air than a wind turbine and it is thermostatically controlled so it only runs when the temperature is hot. The down side is the motors fail often.




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This view of a power attic ventilator shows the wiring is exposed and not in the thermostat/junction box and missing its cover. The exposed electrical wiring is a very common notation in home inspections.


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